Scott Benefield Chairs the Jury at the British Glass Biennale

We are thrilled that Scott Benefield, who will be teaching with us this Autumn, has chaired the jury at this year’s prestigious British Glass Biennale. The jury have selected the pieces that will comprise the Biennale, an exhibition central to the International Festival of Glass, held every other year at the Ruskin Mill in Stourbridge. The 2017 exhibition, curated by Matt Durran, features work by 63 contemporary artists and will open to the public on August 25th.

Scott is a multi-award winning artist, educator and writer and past president of the Glass Art Society (US). He has been a Fellow at the Creative Glass Center of America and an artist-in-residence at the National College of Art & Design (Ireland), North Lands Creative Glass (UK), Vrij Glas (Netherlands), Pittsburgh Glass Center, the Corning Museum of Glass and the Tacoma Museum of Glass (US). His writing about studio glass has been published in numerous publications, including Glass Quarterly and the Glass Art Society Journal.

He is a master of Italian cane techniques and has taught cane workshops at the Penland School of Crafts, the Pilchuck Glass School, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, the National College of Art and Design (Ireland), the Glass Furnace (Turkey) and as a visiting scholar at Osaka University of the Arts in 2009.

Scott will be sharing his expertise at the Glass Hub over the five-day masterclass, ‘Introduction to Venetian Cane Techniques’ (16 – 20 October 2017). If you would like to join us for this course please click here or contact us for more information.

The Freedom of the ‘One Off’ Masterclass with Joseph Harrington

The Glass Hub welcomed Joseph Harrington once again for a rather special masterclass – ‘The Freedom of the One-Off’. Joe has had a busy time recently – being represented by Bullseye Projects at Collect in February, chosen as Maker of the Week by the Crafts Council shortly afterwards, and then having a piece acquired by the V&A Museum for their Glass Gallery. So we were extremely excited to have Joe here to show students the techniques and methodology involved in his beautiful geologically inspired kiln cast pieces…..

Lisa Pettibone is Shaping up this November

Lisa Pettibone - Green Fold

We will soon be welcoming the talented master glass artist Lisa Pettibone back to The Glass Hub. Lisa returns this November to share her extensive knowledge of sculptural glass slumping.

After years of slumping glass, both kiln cast and fused pieces, she has discovered new ways to express form and volume that has occupied her artistic and technical thoughts for ten years or more. This involves careful temperature control and planning, allowing glass to fall into, onto and through objects in the kiln as well as making props and moulds. Letting shapes fall naturally with props can achieve a range of shapes, but we may extend this and actually go inside the kiln to manipulate hot glass too.

Lisa is unique in her approach to glass. Gravity, energy and tension are at the core of her work, and the results are beautiful, stretching glass, techniques and the imagination. We have a couple of places left on this brilliant 3-day workshop if you want to join Lisa and take your glassmaking to the next level.

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Summer School Extra Fun


What a blast! We have just come to the end of another brilliant Summer School here at The Glass Hub …our seventh in fact. On Monday we welcomed in our lovely group of eight students, five of whom are back for the second, third and even fourth time and on Friday we waved goodbye to eight lovely friends. The week really did fly by with not a moment wasted. this was our Summer School Extra for students who have some experience so we tried lots of interesting techniques. At the Glass Hub we run a hot glass studio alongside our warm glass studio so we are uniquely placed to practice techniques involving both hot and warm glass.

Among other glass explorations we made murrine by stacking sheet glass and tack fusing it. Then we took the fused glass into the hot shop and pulled into murine canes, and chopped up with our murine chopper into small slices. These elements were then re-incorporated back into fused work, with unique and striking results – – a fascinating insight into an ancient technique.

Students and glass alike were put through their paces and stretched, moulded and tweaked in so many ways. We also practiced glassblowing, reactive fusing, sandcasting, drop outs, kiln casting and much more. After so much work the glass gang managed some time to chill together …in the pub for a drink and a meal; at the campsite next to the river and at the Manor with a delicious cream tea. On Thursday evening while watching the talented James Devereux and Katie Huskie’s master demonstration we enjoyed a proper feast of a barbecue cooked up by the marvellous and invaluable Karen, with amazing puddings from our foundation student Sarah. Thank you everyone so much for making it such fantastic and exhausting fun. Have a look at some of the photos…

New Opportunity at The Glass Hub!


We are currently looking to recruit an intern that can train with us for up to ten months. This is a great opportunity for somebody looking to gain experience in glassmaking and glass education, alongside developing their own work in a well-equipped glass studio.

The Glass School Internship is an educational work placement opportunity. The successful applicant will experience a variety of roles that will include ‘glass technician’ and ‘glass teaching assistant’. They will be trained in the proper operation and maintenance of glassmaking equipment as well as undertake real-world experience in the operation of a busy glass school. The applicant will be given ample studio time to practice and develop their own work. They will also have health and safety training and the opportunity to attend specialist glassmaking courses for personal creative development throughout their internship.

This internship may be suited to students who have completed their undergraduate study in glass (BA) and are looking to gain professional studio experience and develop their own work.

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Image above courtesy of Lucien West.

Angela Jarman Masterclass

Angela-Jarman-Masterclass-Day-2 (9)We launched into our Summer term here at The Glass Hub with a fantastic and completely sold-out kiln-glass masterclass with Angela Jarman. Always a great joy to have around she led nine students through a world of moulding and casting with a focus on surface texture and pattern.

Angela-Jarman-Masterclass-Day-1 (10)

Angela is a unique artist, her sensitive and imaginative work is powerful and dynamic, yet intricate and feminine. This exciting masterclass began with an introduction to the processes, an explanation of the techniques students would be exploring, and then everyone busying themselves making waxes from textured objects, and duplicates of small items they had brought. The emphasis was on the quickness and simplicity with which multiple items can be reproduced in wax using alginate and silicon master moulds, to produce new and intriguing forms.

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A Date with Joseph Harrington

Joseph-Harrington-masterclass-students-2016Joseph Harrington and ‘The Freedom of the One-Off’ – 13th – 15th March 2016

We were so pleased to finally welcome Joseph Harrington through our doors at The Glass Hub. His work has always been so iconic for us, the rugged forms, natural tones and essence of landscape has always been a favourite, as well as his lovely nature to boot.

This kiln casting masterclass at The Glass Hub was long awaited by ourselves and students alike and we were not disappointed. Joe arrived to a studio packed with everything (and more) that a kiln caster could desire. We had everything from salt, sand, a freezer full of ice blocks and even lard! …yes lard was on the shopping list.

Students began on Friday morning armed with clay on boards, sand and wax, ready to make an impression.

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Joseph Harrington masterclass 23


Joseph Harringtion – The Freedom of the One-Off

Our Spring courses schedule is up and running from January to April 2016. A special addition for 2016 is our new weekly Glass Foundation Course that will run every Wednesday for 10 weeks from April 13th. Participants will undertake an in-depth foundation study into the principle glassmaking techniques, in both the hot shop and the kiln room. more info…

We are delighted to welcome back master kiln glass artist Jo Harrington who will be taking a 3-day course ‘The Freedom of the One-Off’ in February. Other new courses include: ‘Pattern Bar Perfection’; ‘Three Day Glassblowing’; ‘Goblet Making’ and our fantastic value ‘Techniques into Tumblers’ with our own KT Yun. Alongside new courses will be our One Day Glassblowing and One Day Fusing classes that are excellent introductions to the craft and perfect gifts. Our 5 Day Spring and Summer School dates our confirmed too …Check out our course schedule.

Come and make some tumblers!

Communicating with Glass


This was a course that we had dreamed, planned and prepared for, for over a year …and it was finally here. Mixing up art and craft, concept and material, artists with makers, and seeing what happened.  The content of the course was based on what we had learned from Luke Jerram during his residency with us at the Hub, and what he in turn had learned from us, about glass.  We discovered there was no hierarchy of concept over materiality, of art over craft. There is no right or wrong way to practice as an artist and maker …and with glassmaking at least – ideas can inform outcomes as much as glassmaking techniques can inspire ideas.

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Great time at the IFG!


We were delighted to take part in this year’s International Festival of Glass following an invitation from Simon Eccles at Wolverhampton University. He had asked us if we would like to find a leader and organise a masterclass to run at the Uni. Neil Wilkin had been on our mind to run a session at the Hub, so we asked him, and were very happy when he said yes. As ever the talented glassblower James Devereux was encouraging and supportive and offered to assist.  We are incredibly lucky to have Devereux & Huskie Glassworks as our neighbours.  James Devereux is one of the best makers in the country, and is continually enthusiastic and encouraging in all that we do here.

Our course was set to explore some of the glass-making techniques and qualities that make Neil’s career and working style so unique and especially on the potential to create better work through team effort. Neil is one of those makers who very much works with the glass, somehow getting it to move and behave in a tranquil, almost effortless manner. Expertise combined with a deep knowledge of the material and a simple belief in his abilities make Neil a maker like no other.  Teamed with James it would be a super-fuelled glass-making experience.

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