The Freedom of the ‘One Off’ Masterclass with Joseph Harrington

The Glass Hub welcomed Joseph Harrington once again for a rather special masterclass – ‘The Freedom of the One-Off’. Joe has had a busy time recently – being represented by Bullseye Projects at Collect in February, chosen as Maker of the Week by the Crafts Council shortly afterwards, and then having a piece acquired by the V&A Museum for their Glass Gallery. So we were extremely excited to have Joe here to show students the techniques and methodology involved in his beautiful geologically inspired kiln cast pieces…..

Joseph Harrington and The Freedom of the One-Off

Joseph-Harrington-masterclass-students-2016We were so pleased to finally welcome Joseph Harrington through our doors at The Glass Hub. His work has always been so iconic for us, the rugged forms, natural tones and essence of landscape has always been a favourite, as well as his lovely nature to boot.

Using his direct approach with the modelling material the spirit lives on within the work. He seems to capture a sense of time and movement within a solid object, expressing an evolution of forms and a reaction of materials and energies acting upon each other. He has developed a unique working method using ice as a modelling medium. The ice is eroded and sculpted with salt then cast in glass, capturing a moment in time as the ice is melting. This thawing of ice provides a physical time frame to work within, heightening the importance of artistic judgment and decision-making.

Check out his stuff,

Joe has had a lot of experience in his relatively short career, working with the best in Britain, getting his Master’s degree and even running a class at Bullseye glass in Oregon, USA. This class at The Glass Hub was long awaited by ourselves and students alike and we were not disappointed. Joe arrived to a studio packed with everything (and more) that a kiln caster could desire. We had everything from salt, sand, a freezer full of ice blocks and even lard! …yes lard was on the shopping list.

Students began on Friday morning armed with clay on boards, sand and wax, ready to make an impression. Then followed a flurry of clay modelling …texture making using a whole variety of tools and materials including scrunched up papers and gritty sands. Our open casting moulds were being poured by the afternoon.

Saturday morning began with pulling the clay from the open cast moulds, followed an introduction to Joseph’s signature dish of lost ice sculpture – carving a block of ice, using salt, a blow torch and tools.

On our final day, students reviewed the results from Friday’s moulds and continued making ice sculptures and adding texture and form with bit of cold working. Joe led this class to a satisfying end leaving us all inspired and full of ideas. Something tells me it won’t just be food in the freezers at home soon. Check out some of the photos from his class in the album below.

Thanks once again Joe, and to Holly and Mylene for all their hard work and assistance.

Till the next time.