Summer School Extra Fun


What a blast! We have just come to the end of another brilliant Summer School here at The Glass Hub …our seventh in fact. On Monday we welcomed in our lovely group of eight students, five of whom are back for the second, third and even fourth time and on Friday we waved goodbye to eight lovely friends. The week really did fly by with not a moment wasted. this was our Summer School Extra for students who have some experience so we tried lots of interesting techniques. At the Glass Hub we run a hot glass studio alongside our warm glass studio so we are uniquely placed to practice techniques involving both hot and warm glass.

Among other glass explorations we made murrine by stacking sheet glass and tack fusing it. Then we took the fused glass into the hot shop and pulled into murine canes, and chopped up with our murine chopper into small slices. These elements were then re-incorporated back into fused work, with unique and striking results – – a fascinating insight into an ancient technique.

Students and glass alike were put through their paces and stretched, moulded and tweaked in so many ways. We also practiced glassblowing, reactive fusing, sandcasting, drop outs, kiln casting and much more. After so much work the glass gang managed some time to chill together …in the pub for a drink and a meal; at the campsite next to the river and at the Manor with a delicious cream tea. On Thursday evening while watching the talented James Devereux and Katie Huskie’s master demonstration we enjoyed a proper feast of a barbecue cooked up by the marvellous and invaluable Karen, with amazing puddings from our foundation student Sarah. Thank you everyone so much for making it such fantastic and exhausting fun. Have a look at some of the photos…