Angela Jarman and a World of Texture

Angela-Jarman-Masterclass-Day-2 (4)We launched into our Summer term here at The Glass Hub with a fantastic and completely sold-out kiln-glass masterclass with Angela Jarman. Always a great joy to have around she led nine students through a world of moulding and casting with a focus on surface texture and pattern.

Angela is a unique artist, her sensitive and imaginative work is powerful and dynamic, yet intricate and feminine. The first day of this exciting masterclass began with an introduction to the processes, an explanation of the techniques students would be exploring, and then everyone busying themselves making waxes from textured objects, and duplicates of small items they had brought. The emphasis was on the quickness and simplicity with which multiple items can be reproduced in wax using alginate and silicon master moulds, to produce new and intriguing forms.

Day 2 began with students taking the waxes from the former day, with explanations of further processes, modelling techniques, ways of building up components whilst keeping the sense of the “whole piece”. Angela gave a fascinating talk about her work and its development, describing where she has come from in her thought and physical /creative processes, to where she is now.   Students left that day exhausted but full of inspiration from this……it sometimes takes meeting and learning and being around someone who has turned hard work and talent into a success to remember what can be achieved if we try hard enough!

Day 3, as ever, was predictably the busiest and most frantic in the kiln room, with everyone with a massive refractory bucket list, all by 4 pm!!! Armed with cottling, boards, plaster, finishing off last minute details and picking the last bits of Angela’s well worked brain, students dipped, carved, boarded up, weighed out glass and eventually managed to get all moulds finished and into the kilns. A fantastic course, big thanks to Angela and of course the awesome TA Holly Hatt, who helps us out endlessly on more and more kiln courses.


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