Luke Jerram Residency – Last Days

Our fantastic and inspirational residency with installation artist Luke Jerram is coming to an end with a masterclass coming up this weekend. “Luke Jerram – Communicating with Glass”.
The Glass Hub team agree that having Luke around has been an inspiration and we are delighted with how it has made us think differently about how we work with glass: We have been truly stretched, pulled and pushed beyond our usual limits whilst having fun and learning lots from Luke. We have benefitted enormously from Luke’s energy and vision as a non glass artist looking at the material from a different perspective. Luke’s background in contemporary, conceptual art and his approaches have given us a valuable insight into the world of ‘Art’ away from the ‘Craft Object’ based work we are used to

Luke has tried out quite a few techniques during the last few weeks. Using hot molten glass he has mummified a badger’s skull, his grandfather’s clock and a trumpet and is currently working on a life-sized human form wrapped in blankets, inspired by issues of homelessness.
Luke says “The whole experience has been one great highlight. It’s rare for me now to spend so long experimenting with materials and techniques. As well has discovering new processes, we’ve also had the opportunity to fail and make mistakes. We’ve learnt a lot from these mistakes as well!”

If you would like to take part in the masterclass “Communicating with Glass” there is one place remaining.


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