Luke Jerram – Communicating with Glass

Communicating with Glass

A unique opportunity for 12 practising artists to explore glass as a vehicle for ideas and as an inspiration in itself.

Artist or Maker? Our artist in residence and self-confessed ‘ideas man’ Luke Jerram will join forces with master glass makers Max Jacquard and Louis Thompson to guide participants in a four-day workshop that will explore these two creative perspectives.

Through a series of material based glassmaking workshops, together with artist mentoring, talks and discussion, participants will investigate the potential of glass as a vehicle for communicating ideas and also how working with glass can be an inspiration in itself. It is hoped that all attending will gain a new insight into their own creative process. The emphasis on this course will be on experimentation rather than creating finished work, on free forming ideas and harnessing the unique properties of glass as well as pushing its physical boundaries. Participants will be encouraged to explore the use of a variety of hot, warm and cold glassmaking techniques and then mix them up to see what happens.

Friday 5th – Mon 8th June 2015

ONLY 12 PLACES – Click below for more information and to book online course-info


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