Luke Jerram Residency at The Glass Hub

Luke JerramThe Glass Hub, an independent UK facility dedicated to the glass arts, has recently received funding from the Arts Council to run a pilot residency with artist Luke Jerram. Luke is renowned worldwide for his multidisciplinary and interactive arts projects. He has installed pianos on the streets of cities around the world; kinetic chandeliers, and an awesome waterslide running down a hilly shopping thoroughfare in Bristol …the ‘Park and Slide’. Perhaps one of his most striking series of work has been the delicate glass sculptures of deadly pathogens such as the HIV and Ebola viruses. It was after a chance encounter at an airport following a conference that Luke by was approached by the Glass Hub team to undertake an artist’s residency, which would enable him to focus on new ideas and designs in glass. Director KT Yun says – ‘Luke is a self-confessed ideas person…..we wanted to connect him with glass techniques and processes, to see if glass could be used to translate some of his ideas into reality, or if new ideas could come from the glass’. It is hoped that the residency will become a regular feature of the Glass Hub’s ongoing glass development programme – attracting artists who have not worked in glass before, or who have limited experience, but a proven track record in their practice. The project will contribute to the Glass Hub’s commitment to developing new and exciting projects promoting glass as a creative medium.

We will update this blog as the residency progresses – watch and follow for regular updates.

Luke will also be leading a masterclass at The Glass Hub:

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects.

The Glass Hub is an educational centre based in South West England which provides an ongoing programme of courses and masterclasses in glassmaking, as well as research, development and facility hire.


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