Louis Thompson Masterclass

photo 8

This was an awesome course, one of the most exciting by far that we have run at The Glass Hub.  Fuelled by Louis’ endless enthusiasm, smiles, jokes and ambitious energy, students went from day 1 to day 3 on a steep gradient. The most obvious and rewarding result of this course was to see how the students’ confidence and ability to progress evolved each day.

The masterclass began with everyone giving a brief introduction to their work, what/who inspires them, and where they are looking to venture.Some loved colour, some wanted to avoid colour, some were highly proficient blowers, some with less technical abilities, but common to all were passion and creativity…..soon everyone was at the start line, ready to take off, especially after having witnessed Louis’ presentation of work…….

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About The Glass Hub

We are an educational centre based in South West England where students of all abilities can learn and develop the ancient craft of glassmaking. At The Glass Hub we provide extensive glass-working facilities alongside the support of an excellent, highly qualified and experienced team of tutors to foster individual creative growth and expertise.

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