Sonja Klingler and Our Passion for Graal

Sonja Klingler shares her passion for Graal
There was an international flavour to our recent masterclass as Swiss-born glass artist Sonja Klinger introduced her group, that included participants from as far afield as Switzerland, Finland and Dudley, to the Swedish technique of Graal.
The Graal technique was first developed by Knut Bergqvist in 1916 at Orrefors, a factory in Sweden. He was inspired by the French Art Nouveau glass of the time and especially the work of Daum and Gallé. The name Graal was inspired by the saga of the “Holy Graal” (a vessel that was supposed to contain the blood of Christ). The first Graal pieces were ruby red and resembled a red liquid freely flowing in the vase, hence, the analogy to the blood of Christ and the name Graal.
Like the legend that preceeds it, the Graal glass process has its own band of followers, passionate about the technique. Sonja Klingler, a master of Graal, shared her knowledge with our students on this revealing course…

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