Angela Jarman Masterclass

IMG_1838What an absolute delight it was to host Angela Jarman’s Masterclass over a long weekend.  Students immersed themselves into the course almost immediately, after a brief meet and greet on the first morning.  Laden with pocket fulls of inspiration, (thanks to everyone bringing such great objects to explore texture!), soon the workshop  tabletops were decorated with the most exciting textural objects, from trilobites to a geode, fruits, lace and horse chestnuts.IMG_1797

Angela described ways of taking the objects and making master moulds, so that they could be reproduced easily.  Waxes were then made from these and wax elements produced for further joining. Students left on the first day, heads buzzing with ideas, some even taking the pieces back to hotel rooms to finish overnight.

IMG_1826The second day was then spent with Angela giving personal instruction on how to make the best mould, how to consider design, with students getting their heads around the negative and positive spaces…….and got busy modelling wax using torches and incorporating other crafty ways of manipulating the wax that Angela has developed over the course of her kiln career.  During the lunch break she gave us a fantastic presentation of her work, inspiring for all on the course.  Then making the most of this beautiful Indian summer weather and with the onsite cream teas, we sat in the sun and relaxed.

IMG_1827The last day built up into a heightened state of frantic activity, as students realised they had to finish moulds ready to be left with a choice of Gaffer or Cristallica for the firings to happen.

IMG_1836The class was really successful, thanks to both Angela’s teaching and also some dedicated and skilful assisting by Charlotte Betting, who helped us out on Max Jaquard’s Masterclass, and has a great knowledge and attitude when working with the class. Students left with a great sense of achievement, and equipped with new knowledge and techniques to explore in their own studios. Thank you Angela!


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