The Glass Hub Do Glasto!

Elliot walker glastonbury glassblowing

After months of planning we can’t believe we’re finally here ….in the wonderful world of glastonbury festival! Armed with a team of super glassblowers and the minimelt furnace x2 The Glass Hub are rocking the craft field. We are running blowing sessions for festivalgoers to blow their own baubles and in the evening from 9pm the blowers get a chance to play with exciting demos like last night where The talented Eliot Walker and James Devereux made a fire breathing dragon (photos soon). Further talents of Dylan Sheehan and Katie Huskie of Devereux and Huskie Glass are real crowd pleasers with their informative and amusing banter, and keeping the whole thing together our directors KT Yun and Helga Watkins-Baker. If you’re here come and find us in the Green crafts Field right below the Stone Circle. Back to scintilating thunderstorms, rainbows and shiny people. More soon…