Martin Janecky in the UK

Martin Janecky

Four weeks on and we still catch ourselves wondering…..”did that really happen?”.  To be in the presence of such an amazing master of glass, such an extraordinary glass sculptor, is truly a unique experience and we are sure We speak for all who were lucky enough to attend this unique and exclusive event…

Martin’s main tools are the oxy/propane torch and some weirdly sinister looking bespoke tools, which he uses to heat specific areas and manipulate from inside and outside the form. He makes several gathers, rolled in powder, and blown up as a vessel, quickly as if a simple large vase was to be formed.  The “vessel” form is then constrained in several places, and a section allowed to slump slightly off centre… so begins the sculpture. In order for Martin to manipulate from the inside, the form is opened slightly to allow the tools to “push” from the inside out. The neck is long, the chin develops and the back of the skull are all defined…..we were all by now silent and clicking away with cameras and pencils.