Form to Fuse with Andrea Spencer

Forming delicate 3D work

A weekend of cross-pollination between lampworking and fusing was led by the talented artist Andrea Spencer, who came over from Northern Ireland to share her knowledge. This was a new direction for us and involved “drawing with glass” using the torch, to create delicate and beautiful designs to both tack and flat fuse onto sheet ready for firing in the kiln.

Andrea’s work generally takes two paths: public art commissions and autonomous sculpture. Her large scale works where she uses her skills with architectural glass to create installations and site specific work can be found in several arenas. Her fine sculpture includes the beautiful ‘mermaid’ purses and the most delicate and wonderful small works.
Andrea guided the students through the process of creating small sculptural pieces on the torch and then placing this delicate 3d glass imagery onto flat Bullseye sheet and just tacking it down. It’s a really new way to work. Andrea also showed students how to use that wasted Bullseye glass, by cutting it into strips, and with holders (that our wonder David Billington knocked up to Andreas design) students were able to make use of it by melting it on the torch to form and pull out stringers and make whatever they chose. A great tip! This course investigated solid sculpting, carving/texturing and construction on the torch, then using manipulation of heat from the kiln, fusing these elements onto a flat surface..

A really practical and creative way to work. We hope everyone left feeling as inspired as we did watching her create beautiful work and sharing her knowledge of glass, both lamp and kiln. Thanks Andrea!


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