Max Jacquard Masterclass – Casting Inside Out and Outside In


This 4 day workshop explored the concept of casting an object within an object, using the kiln forming process of lost wax, but with a few beautifully developed specialist Max techniques.

Students started the course by taking a cast of a simple cup, which first had to be filled with plaster from the inside, then once core was solid, the container removed, and the plaster mould is then dipped in wax many times over to build up a depth of wall.
This in turn is then decorated/carved or left pure, then cast again in plaster surround. The result is a wax vessel encased with plaster…..this wax is then steamed out……leaving a cavity, that can then be filled with glass.

Students were then allowed to use their own chosen objects, which consisted of everything from teeth to ducks! Max showed them how to use silicone and extra fast catalyst, and the next few days were spent in a controlled frenzy of all the different techniques they had leant. The chosen casting materials Max Jacquard uses are crystalcast and keramicast, as opposed to potters plaster and flint

We had a glassblowing class alongside on Saturday, and discovered some hidden sectors of some of those kiln casters, as they crept through and had a blow at lunch and after class! Nice to see a bit of cross over from kiln to furnace!

The personal projects of students took hold of the final day, as everyone rushed to complete their moulds, some even taking them home, to fire in their own kilns..Thank you so much to Charlotte, for all the help and advice and patient assistance you gave everyone. This was a better course for having your amazing skills and calmness around, and we hope you can also come back to us to help on Angela Jarman’s Masterclass in Sept.

Almost everyone made it to our evening rendezvous on the Saturday evening, this time in the lovely town of Frome. Apologies for the lack of meat at dinner again Val, you did really well putting up with no meat lunches, and on that note would like to thank Susan, Cook at The Garden Cafe, Frome, for all the great soups, delicious flans and cakes she supplies us with at The Glass Hub.

So, thank you everyone who came, and especially to the legend, (young legend!), Max Jacquard, for an amazing and unique class and sharing his knowledge and wisdom, so encouraging growth in British casting.


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