Liam Reeves MasterClass

Venetian stemware

Just on the other side of our February MasterClass, with Liam Reeves, where we were treated to demos and an intense practical workout of Venetian stemware. With a hungry pack of students, we had a lot of humour to balance out the intensity of assembling blown stemware,and getting it in the lehr in one piece!
We started the weekend with a demo, looking at the fundamentals of this more up tempo style of glassmaking, as Liam show students how to cast on the bits for the all important “merese” and “avoglio”, essential to master.
Then it was starting to learn how to use specific tools, especially the marver…. no block, no paper, no water! ¬†And a lot of puffers, blow tubes and tweezers action. ¬†There was a particularly frequent sound of thin glass dropping and occasional cursing on the first day, but by the late afternoon everyone was up to speed with this most acute style of glassblowing. Liam made a beautiful 3 part glass in the afternoon, and we enjoyed a visit from Neil Wilkin and Sonja Klingler, who understand the dangers of this glassy “Venetian Virus”.
Day 2, everything came together for the whole group, and we were treated to 2 more excellent demos from Liam, dragon stem and dolphin stemmed glasses. By home time, there was such intensity and focus in the room, that we only heard the sound of tools and pure concentration!
With the students practicing and accomplishing this very different way of blowing glass, some for the first time, there was a huge shift in results, thanks to a combination of excellent mentoring by Liam and James, and focused enthusiasm by the students..
another one we are definitely running again…