KT and the Kettle Chips Craft Party

KT and the Kettle Chips Craft Party

Glass Hub’s KT Yun was invited to take part in the new TV ad for Kettle Chips …the ‘Kettle Chips Craft Party’ created by the 101 agency and Bare Films “for the love of craft” campaign. The 40 second, rich 16mm film features a group of authentic craftspeople from across the UK making a table, glasses, decorations and everything else needed to host a feast. The idea is to represent the craftsmanship, care and attention that goes into making Kettle Chips. The work was created by Tim Donald and Misha Newby, and directed by Joanna Bailey through Bare Films.

KT can be seen working on the bench and making a set of fine glass goblets for the table. KT was working with a mobile glass studio featuring the ‘Minimelt’ a portable glass furnace designed by herself and David Billington. (minimeltglass.co.uk)

Watch the ad on Youtube: http://youtu.be/7WKJ918-dOM &   http://youtu.be/aMt7oa2dqOg