Angela Jarman MasterClass cont…

continued from Angela Jarman Masterclass

On day one of Angela Jarman’s masterclass the students chose forms to work with from a variety of man-made and natural found objects, plus some hand sculpted art forms they had worked on previously. Using a selection of procedures to capture texture and relief from their forms, the students dabbled with gel flex, modelling wax and alginate.

The following two days were a buzz of activity with students learning about casting techniques, mould making with practical advice and demos .  We were also treated to an excellent lunchtime talk from Angela about her work.  As always, time runs away, and it was a mission, but a satisfying one, to hurry and get everything finished and in the kiln by the last day.  Next time, we may run a 5 day course so that students can further develop their casting techniques under the guidance and support of a master.

The pieces are out of the kiln, to be boxed and sent away this week, for everyone to unwrap and discover how things turned out!  Angela was very realistic about the most important thing on the course being the “learning”, not so much about the “product”, but it’s still a great joy for all to discover how things came out.

A big thanks to Angela, to everyone who came and to Catherine who is constantly keeping things going in the background.  The following images are not in any particular order, but will show you some of the great work and processes that went on at The Glass Hub last week.


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