Print for Glass

Last weekends sunny and hot weekend studying “print for Glass” was a real eye opener into using images and transferring both black and coloured prints onto a wide variety of glass processes and objects.
Great fun was had experimenting and challenging the  learnt how to mount the transfers onto both flat and 3d images, and explored the possibilities of low, medium and high firing techniques.  It was a course of technical discovery and also experimentation, using kilns and furnaces..
 As the embryos (small hollow glass eggs) heated up slowly in the kiln, with images on them, students then had time to get some more transfers onto flat glass.  Using both float and tetra, Shelley coached everyone through the application techniques.  Thanks to James Devereaux who gave up a few hours hours of his weekend to help make work for the students in the hot shop.  Gathering over the embryos, sometimes a couple of times, and experimenting with layers and inclusions.  Everyone also had the chance to pick up some “ready mades”, some interesting pieces (from jam jars, whiskey bottles to ikea glasses) were created, as we picked up, fired transfers on, and changed the shape….
A brilliant introduction to print, we will be running more in the spring, with introductory day class first, so students have time to prepare and bring their own prints..

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